Gloryhole Swallow – Olivia


Olivia – Olivia’s 1st Gloryhole Visit

Olivia is not your common MILF by any expand of the creativity. This lady is a complete excitement enthusiast and when you see her power at the Gloryhole you will know what I mean. Diving with Fluff Sharks and Sky Snorkeling are just a few methods she prefers to get her fix and now she can add slurping off unknown people through an opening in the walls to her record. Is it me or does she look like that Cleo lady that use to go to Gloryholes decades ago. Either way, they both discuss the same interest for slurping dicks and taking lots of cum. She didn’t remember to bring up that she is a squirter and as regular I discovered out the difficult way and almost took a shower in her cum. Some guy had a go-karting football hold on her slit and it did not take lengthy for her to launch her slit juice. He must have informed one of the other people patiently waiting because he got her showering too. It’s a great factor she was restoring her liquids with all that cum take. She currently lifestyles in California but so when she is in city I’m looking to joining her up with another lady to discuss dicks, cum and vaginas. I have a excellent sensation that she can eat some mean slit and I’d also like to see her apply in another chick’s oral cavity.

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